EclairPlay is a new all-in-1 download platform that connects cinema exhibitors and content owners around the world.

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Designed for exhibitors

EclairPlay is designed for cinema exhibitors. Simply, it provides access to a growing range of DCP content available from download through projection, and to all the tools and content marketing materials needed for successful programming and audience building.

Via the EclairPlay platform, accessible from any connected device, exhibitors can search the content they need with extended filters, get inspired by thorough collections of content of various types and themes, directly order Feature & Trailer DCPs for e-delivery, and have instant access to comprehensive publicity material kits.

For film releases, event cinema premiers, film festival offerings, back catalogue titles and more, EclairPlay is your world of content & tools to support your daily business needs.

  • One-stop shop: all content available to program, download & project

  • A world of inspiration: extended search filters, collections of indie films or event cinema, and alerts on upcoming releases

  • Instant Feature & Trailer DCP orders and connection to content owners

  • All marketing assets for programming - stills, film posters, web banners, trailer DCPs, optional screener preview

  • Real-time updates on DCP delivery status tracking

  • From any device, anywhere

Designed to support content owners

By bringing together cinemas and content owners, EclairPlay is designed to support content owners in building awareness of their overall brand, beyond any given single title.

Conceived to help rights holders target cinemas & film festivals internationally, EclairPlay provides content owners an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their content to a global universe of cinema professionals.  Content owners are able to increase their DCP download requests by cinemas, and e-deliver them with a click, securely, wherever they wish, according to rights availability.

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